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About Kompletely K-9

    Kris Potter-Owner/Head Trainer-Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation

Kompletely K-9 Packwalk



Hi everyone, my name is Kris Potter, owner of Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation in Maine. The reason I started my business was to help dog owners like you improve the relationship with their dogs by providing information, guidance, understanding and results. I want you to have the experience of having a calm and well behaved dog. Over the years my own dogs have had issues and challenges ranging from bad leash manners to fear, anxiety and aggression issues. Through my volunteer work helping shelter/rescue dogs, I have seen many being relinquished due to varying degrees of behavioral problems. I have seen many other dog owners just like you struggling, becoming frustrated, and feeling hopeless. Don't be afraid or concerned if other trainers have told you they cannot help your dog. We specialize in training and rehabilitating your fearful, anxious, or aggressive dog. Together we can create a well balanced and behaved dog that you will enjoy for years to come. There is hope for your dog no matter the breed or age.


We provide one-on-one private training at our facility or in your home as well as our very popular Board and Train programs. We train dogs for real world situations and not just to perform in a classroom. I believe that your dog should be trained using a balanced, fair, and effective approach that produces real results.

Please visit our FAQ's Page and Contact Us right away to start changing your life with your dog.

*I attended and graduated as a Certified Professional Trainer from the Master Trainer Course at National K-9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus OH. I have also studied with internationally known trainers Sean O'Shea and Jeff Gellman and attended their Train The Trainers program. My intention is to continue to learn and grow in order to help you and your dog as much as possible.

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