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  • Can you train my older dog?


 Yes! Some older dogs have developed bad habits and anxiety issues over the years. Together we can help your dog become  better behaved and more relaxed.


  • Can you train my deaf or blind dog?

Yes! We have had great success training and communicating with deaf or blind dogs. We teach hand signals for deaf dogs. We pair commands and prompts with an Ecollar to ensure excellent communication.


  • Can you help my fearful/anxious dog?


 Absolutely! With my unique and effective training approaches we can help your dog become much more comfortable around  things and situations that have caused them anxiety and fear.


  • My dog is uncontrollable on a walk-pulling, lunging and barking. Can you help me with this?


 I consistently achieve excellent results with dogs with bad leash manners and leash reactivity issues. I can show you how to use  unique methods to help your dog.


  • Does training take hours a day?


No! Of course, the more often you practice the faster you will move along in the process, but it does not take many hours a day to accomplish this.


  • What methods do you use?


 No one tool or method is right for every dog. Some tools that I use include: prong collars, slip leads, e-collars, the Pet Convincer  (compressed air), food (working for meals), and clickers. The goal of training is to achieve the results. I focus on building a relationship with your dog in order for them  to become a calm, relaxed and obedient dog. Together we will do what it takes to get your dog where it needs to be in a fair manner.


  • Do you use treats while training?


 My training approach is relationship-based. I believe that our dogs should be working for our praise and not for a food. Depending on the dog, I may have them work for their meals at the beginning of training. Treat training has many limitations and can cause dogs to simply perform instead of learning to become calm and relaxed. Many  heavily treat trained dogs become overly excited and hyper and are not able to focus. I believe that treats should be given to  your dog randomly when your dog is being well behaved, but not be used for obedience training. 


  • Why do you use prong collars?


 I use prong collars because I find them to be one of the best tools  for communicating and creating a better relationship with the  least amount of physical stress to the dog and owner. Many other tools tend to only manage the behavior, while the prong collar  allows us to actually break through and effortlessly communicate, creating a vastly different state of mind and a highly  responsive dog. While prong collars tend to look horrible, when used correctly, they have been proven to be the least physically  taxing, most humane, and one of the safest tools available.



  • Why do you use E-collars?


 Modern E-Collar training is the most effective, most reliable, most humane, and transformational training available today.


  • How do you train with an E-Collar?


 We use low-level, communication-style, modern E-Collar training, which looks nothing like the E-Collar training of the past.  With these we can break through bad behaviors and achieve reliable off leash training.


  • My dog is fearful and nervous – I shouldn’t use an E-Collar with him, right…?


 Actually, modern E-Collar training is the best training for dogs with these types of issues. Our E-Collar training system is  designed to create more confident, relaxed, and comfortable dogs.



  • What types of rewards will my dog receive?


 Your dog will receive the absolute best rewards from you his/her owner. You will learn to give them gentle praise. They will be  able to be included in daily activities and have a great relationship with you.


  • What happens if I don’t get the results I want from the training? Is there a guarantee?


 Due to the many variables involved to create a well-behaved, balanced dog, including owner commitment, consistency, and  follow-through, it would be unethical for me to offer a 100% guarantee. However, I only choose the most dedicated and diligent  owners. In my experience we will see remarkable results working hand in hand as a team in  your dog’s rehabilitation. Your success is my utmost priority.


  • What dogs are candidates for Board and Train Programs?


Almost any dog really. Your dog will progress quicker by coming to stay with us. If your dog needs training or some behavior modification and you don’t have the time to train and practice through our private lesson programs then your dog is a candidate for one of our Board and Train Programs. If you're going on vacation and would love to have your dog trained when you get back then your dog is a candidate for one of our Board and Train Programs. If your dog has mild to moderate issues that require being removed from their current environment to hit the "reset button" and receive intensive rehabilitation then your dog is a candidate for one of our Board and Train Programs.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We can also PayPal invoice.




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