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Kris Potter of Kompletely K-9 Dog Training was a fabulous help when we got our rescue dog Wubbie from Georgia. She was a great teacher and gave me the skills and techniques to train Wubbie on my own. It has now been 2 years since Wubbie joined our family and we use these skills every day. Wubbie is a great addition to our family especially since learning manners. I would highly recommend Kris for any dog training needs. 


-Catie Wilson

Kris is working with a shelter dog who needed some basic obedience and behavior modification....he is doing great now and ready for his forever home. Thanks for all you are doing for Francis, Kris!


-Deborah Crommett Cloutier

We went to Kris with our 9 month old golden retriever, Tucker, who was literally dragging me everywhere!  He 65 lbs, very strong and has a mind of his own.  We asked Kris to try to help us out and have been extremely pleased with the outcome!!!  I really believe we have a wonderful pet now that we can thoroughly enjoy!  He’s a “kompletely”  different dog!!  Thank you so much Kris!

-Bonnie O.


Had the pleasure of Kris helping me with some basic techniques of training my 5 month old puppy Annie.... I have worked with dogs for over a decade myself and I am really truly blown away with how Kris is helping us......Kris is such a talented teacher and is so gifted with the dogs.... Thank you Kris...


-Laurel Wolph

We approached Kris for help with our rescue pit bull, Bella. The dog was great with people, but had some obedience issues. Kris trained Bella with a firm, fair hand and helped us to step up and do the same. While "our girl" still rules our hearts-thanks to Kris-she doesn't rule our household. We are all the better for it. I highly recommend Kompletely K-9!


-Jean Hurwitz

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